Friday, February 17, 2012

Chorale and Shaker Dance


B. Rabuse Blog said...

Space between m 5 and 6
Stronger tenor entrance at 6
clean release of fermata at A
Strange trombone sounds B-C
C much faster and lighter
clearer articulation in cl 5 before D and 8 before E
Clarinets out of tune @ E
Check sax pitches 4 before F
5 after F 16 th note run
Clarinet articulation @ F
Clean up bass statement before G
Bring out Euph part at G
Clean woodwinds at I
Woodwinds end at the same time 8 after K
Fade chords before L
Tune chord 4 before M (Maybe have justin double it on keyboard)
More xylo at M
Pitch 1 Measure before N
No slurs in the flutes after N
Trombone pitches through N
Cue timpani roll 1 before O
Faster & lighter at O
Flute entrance- oops
5 after P- flute articulation- match the brass
Pitch in WW at Q
my mistake at R
7 after S- short 8ths
clean cutoff of fermata before U2
woodwinds through U2
cutoff whole note after 4/4 bar (breath mark)
start 1+a figure together
woodwinds pitch at W

Brittany said...

tuning at beginning
smoother fingers at beginning
trombones on pg 9
tempo between pgs 9 and 10
tempo at H (speeding up a little)
less fl before I
more trombone at I
trombones can be more marcato at I
bsn release 6 after L
fl and cl attack 7 after L
don't rush eight notes starting 4 after M
trombone attacks 8 before O
fl and cl tuning at q (and fast fingers)
tuning after r
release at u 2
fl and cl starting at s... bleh