Friday, February 17, 2012

Kentucky 1800


B. Rabuse Blog said...

Marcato M 1-5
Pitch in Clarinet 1 M6
Tune chord M7 beat 3
Release on beat 1 M7
Chromatic line 5 after B
Less attack in saxes at E
More attack on beat 2 melody 2nd M of E, pickup to J and 5 before K
More bass drum (timpani was absent)
Marcato at M

Brittany said...

tune measure 6 (esp flutes)
fp 3 after C
releases in fl and cl at D
More shape at E
tempo at G (Triangle)
Stronger 16ths two before I
Tuning 1 before L
fp 1 before the last measure

I listened and took notes first and now I will listen for your notes.