Friday, February 17, 2012



B. Rabuse Blog said...

Generally, this tune is played too fast, and there are intonation problems. It needs to breath (rubato) more.

Hold opening pickup note a little longer.
Accent trombone 1 at M2
Little ritardandos at M 4,6,8.
Separate note between 5&6
More bass Cl at 11
Timp and others at beat 2 M 14
Tpt 1- expression at 13-16
8th notes at 17
Rit 29-30 more.
stacked entrances 30-32 bring out
33 flutes have 8th pickups, sax has quarter. make it clearer.
Pickups to 35- pitch.
Gradual fade of 35-40
Trombone melody 53-56 pitch
60 Impact!
62 clarinet tone is thin.
Entrances at 75
M65 tune trombones
Space between 71 and 72
add trumpet 2 to horn line at 73

Brittany said...

sax attack and tuning first measure
more trombone 2 at 53
tuning at 65 (low brass?)
more 2nd and 3rd cl, 2 asax, and tsax at 66
attacks and releases at 71
maybe have tr read horn cue at 73
last measure more decay in low brass before dropping out (it was abrupt)