Tuesday, March 24, 2009

A Day In The Life

This was the best we have played this piece so far. That said, we still have a few things to fix. I shouldn't hear any key signature errors in the clarinets and flutes in the beginning, and I do. Listen and you'll hear them too. It's an easy fix. Just mark them with your pencil. Problem solved.
The shaker has to be perfect. You can't slow down or make any rhythmic error of any kind or it becomes glaringly obvious that you are not paying attention. A lot of drummers laugh at the shaker/ maracas/ other time keepers as "easy" percussion instruments. But, it's not easy to keep perfect time.
Victoria was absent today, so we had no alarm clok.
Watch the volume of the timpani in the John Lennon "Ahh" section.
On the dissonant orchestra swell, try not to play the 16th note C,B,C,B, pattern. It should be free of any rhythm (except for the drums).
On the big E major chord at the end, once you run out of air, do not come back in. Just let it fade out.

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