Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Lovely Rita

Today's rehearsal went well despite brass absences. With Rita, we need to amplify the acoustic guitar (which I will fix tomorrow). nad clean the shaker part. the part (after double checking) is correct. It's 4 measures starting at 16 on the words "In her cap" and on the repeat "Got the bill". This will reinforce the vocal part.
we need to clean the trumpet glissando parts at 10 and 19, and we have to bring out the bass clarinet/ bari sax line at the end of the solo (m 30).
When we reach measure 31, enter with confidence. We are jumping from m 22, but that shouldn't make a difference.
The 5 against 4 section is improving.
In the straight eighth note part (2 from the end, be sure you are on the right pitch. Concert Ab in the bass, then Eb and Gb on top.
For the last measure, the first note is long, then attack beat two, gliss down to beat three and you're done. beat one was a bit short.

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